We opened the Bakery for business in 2006 under another name. As the first year went along the health and well being of the dogs became our focus. We found some of the original treats we were making had become questionable for the dogs so we dropped them and went to work on new ones. In 2008 we hit our stride and became Bella Dog Bakery & Biscuit Company, LLC. Our focus became our dream and now proper size and content of our treats for dogs was paramount. What started as an idea to help dog lovers pamper their fur kids had now been birthed into treats that could be beneficial and yummy.
The more we learned about the holistic approach to animal nutrition, the more we wanted to know. We have found it is so important to stay abreast of the changing nutritional information.

We have never owned a business and had always wanted to, and the Lord had just blessed us with a beautiful Daughter from Africa as well as this business opportunity. We jumped into this business venture with both feet thinking it would give us the means to fund our Daughters medical education. Little did we know it takes time to build a business.

Two very important friends were made early on, the first was Sue Moore of Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana. Our two shelties Sam and Sarah who will greet you at the door of the Bakery both came from Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana.

The next important friend was Dr. Cindy Baker of Bargersville Veterinary Hospital & Wellness Center. Cindy has come along side of us and helped to educate us about animal nutrition from two perspectives Eastern as well as Western medicine.

In keeping with the healthy holistic philosophy we at Bella Dog Bakery and Biscuit Company, LLC bake our treats fresh on site. Our flours included in our recipes consist of brown rice, flax seed meal, barley, and oat. We use only human grade nutritionally rich ingredients like blue berries, pumpkin, sweet potato, cinnamon, and apple to name a few.

We only sell Holistic dog and cat foods with offerings of vitamins and supplements, collars and leads, grooming supplies, organic toys, and popular bagged treats ( which fit with our Holistic philosophy), treats jars and food dishes. Bella Dog Bakery and Biscuit Company, LLC is a family owned establishment that offers a cozy homelike décor and we would love to serve you and your family. Feel free to bring your fur kids as ours come to work with us every day.

Mission Statement
Many pets suffer from food related allergies that can cause a variety of health issues in your dog or cat. These problems range from unhealthy skin and coat and bathroom issues to poor health and lack of vitality. Foods that contain corn, wheat and soy as well as other fillers are often the reasons these problems exist. By removing unhealthy and unnecessary by-products and fillers from your pets diet you can improve your pets health. Our goal is to provide nutritional balanced food and treats that support their health and well being. At Bella Dog Bakery and Biscuit Company, LLC we believe that the holistic foods we carry and the treats we bake improve and support your pet's nutritional health.

Holistic Philosphy
The thought behind holistic health is to view the body as a complete structure instead of thinking of the body as a collection of individual parts. By treating your pet's body as a complete and inseparable structure it allows their body to return itself to normal health.