Read carefully the ingredients on any dog food label or package if you see corn, wheat or soy or any forms of these three you should already be aware that these are common fillers and allergens to dogs. You also don't want to see by-products, artificial flavorings, colors, salt and sugar. Instead look for foods that contain meat and meat meal made from real meat, grains, vegetables, fruits, and fats that contribute to coat heart and brain health, antioxidants and fiber. By feeding holistic foods your dog will have fewer bouts with illness which will translate into fewer visits to the vet.

Nutritional Information
It is important for our customers to know what types of products the bakery uses in our holistic treats. So Bella Dog Bakery and Biscuit Company, LLC wants to provide a listing of our human grade, Indiana Chemist approved ingredients. The bakery offers this information on location along with the analysis of each treat baked on site.
Barley Flour
Brown Rice Flour
Flax Seed Meal
Oat Flour

Apricot Mozzarella Cheese
Bacon Nutmeg
Beef Organic Tomato Sauce
Blueberry Parmesan Cheese
Carob Parsley
Chicken Peanut Butter
Cinnamon Pineapple
Chamomile Pumpkin
Coconut Ricotta Cheese
Cranberry Strawberry
Honey Sweet Potato
Lavender Sirloin
Milk Vanilla
Mint Yogurt Chips

With each treat Bella Dog Bakery and Biscuit Company, LLC offers an analysis of minimum protein, minimum fat, maximum fiber and maximum moisture content.